I installed Ubuntu 12.04 in my work environment. But it has changed so much from 10.04 which was the last version I have used (never used 11.04). It got a new utility called Unity Launcher and I found very difficult to add eclipse shortcut to the launcher.

So I had to google and found a nice post, which explains how to add Shortcuts to the launcher. I don’t like all the options where you need to edit the scripts and copy the files into other folders. I like the option where you can install a tweaking software which can tweak into ubuntu code and do so much. But for now we will see how to add shortcut/launcher item to Unity launcher.

  1. Go to http://ubuntu-tweak.com/ and download the software.
  2. Install via sudo dpkg -i ./path/to/ubuntu-tweak-installer.deb to avoid any crashes on the startup
  3. And then run sudo apt-get install -f to check if there any dependencies.
  4. Check whether gnome-panel is installed or not, if it is not installed then “Create Launcher…” script won’t run. You can install it using command sudo apt-get install gnome-panel. Now you can see a new item in the luancher which is Ubuntu Tweak.
  5. Launch Ubuntu Tweak and then go to Admin Tab and then select Scripts in the Personal Category.
  6. Now you will see two columns Enabled Scripts and Disabled Scripts
  7. Find “Create Launcher…” in the Disabled Scripts column and drag it to Enabled Scripts column under nautilus-scripts
  8. Go to the folder where you have the file to be added to the launcher and right click anywhere on the folder and select Scripts -> Create Launcher… from the context menu
  9. Create Launcher dialog box pops up. Give a name, Browse for the file, Add an icon and comment if you need. The launcher is created in the current folder
  10. Drag the launcher to the Unity Launcher and you are done.
  11. If the script doesn’t show up in the context menu restart Nautilus (File manager) using the following command nautilus -q.

You can actually do lot of stuff with this software but remember this software also has some cons

  1. Adam Culp says:

    Thanks for the pingback, and nice post.

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